Eco-Digester Mini

The Eco-Digester Mini can be an amazing addition to your home or office kitchen. Or it can be placed in a garden shed to compost cast-off vegetation. The food waste is processed without odor into a beneficial compost for your plants.

Clean and practical, the Eco-Digester Mini can treat 2 to 3 kg (about 4 1/2 to 6 1/2 lbs) of food waste in just 24 hours, or about the daily production of a family of six.

The Eco-Digester Mini is able to reduce the weight and volume of organic waste up to 90%.

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Our complete line of composting equipment can suit practically any size operation, from your home’s kitchen to large scale farming. Suitable for:
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Thermophile bacteria thrive in particularly hot environments. We activate the bacteria by cranking up the heat, causing them to bloom and feed on the raw waste.

Reduce your waste. Reduce your cost. Reduce your impact.